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Anne-Catherine Scoffoni

Anne-Catherine Scoffoni


Globetrotter Anne-Catherine Scoffoni is known for having an eye for beautiful pictures. Using only natural light, she catches special moments while always keeping the architectural features in mind.

After a career in sales and marketing, Anne-Catherine decided to pursue her dream and become a photographer. �She�s got an eye� is the compliment she�s heard most of her life. Among her friends, she is known for capturing the most memorable shots of their trips and parties.

Anne-Catherine photographs for international publications and also writes stories about the houses she features. She only works with natural light and specializes in lifestyle and interior design photography.

Anne-Catherine grew up in France but is by nature a globetrotter. She has lived in London, Cape Town, Dubai, Barcelona and the South of France. She currently resides in Berlin with her partner and two sons.

Anne-Catherine Scoffoni
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