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Bieke Claessens

Bieke Claessens


Bieke Claessens has been working as a freelance photographer since 1996 and specializes in shooting interiors. She has a long list of clients in Belgium and the Netherlands but her work also frequently appears in international interior magazines.

She studied photography at the Sint-Lukas Academy in Brussels, Belgium where she preferred shooting portraits and photographing products. Her first job after graduation, however, was in a large studio where she was asked to work on a catalogue for a Dutch furniture store. She cooperated with a group of interior stylists and was soon inspired to change her career direction to interior photography.

That first job took place in a studio where Bieke worked with the team lighting the interiors and shooting the photographs. It gave her a taste for interior work and she was eager to start shooting on location in real houses with interesting furniture and interior decoration. Even as a child, Bieke had had a passion for furniture and beautiful objects, so it was natural that she soon specialized in interior photography.

Bieke Claessens now does her own styling most of the time because it is one of her most favourite aspects of the job. She also decorates homes from time to time.

Bieke Claessens
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