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Francesca Pagliai

Francesca Pagliai


Francesca Pagliai works with natural light to capture the most realistic atmosphere of the environment. Her photographs show the lines and lights of the Tuscan landscape.

Francesca Pagliai has a studio in Pistoia, Italy. She loves the human dimension of the city she lives in. The photographer is inspired by the Tuscan Renaissance and the lines and lights of the Tuscan landscape. When she is not photographing, she is studying and practicing different arts.

The Italian studied photography but specialized in fine art printing. Later she became enthusiastic about geo-ethnographic reporting. After opening her own studio, she began doing interior photography for the tourism industry. She also worked with renowned hotels and relays.

Meanwhile, Francesca Pagliai gives photography workshops and publishes her work in national and international magazines. She also collaborates with architectural offices and interior designers. Occasionally she also takes on food photography projects.

Her photographic technique is almost pictorial. Francesca loves to work with natural light. Her aim is to bring out reminiscent and realistic atmospheres in the space she is photographing.

Francesca Pagliai
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