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Cecilia Möller

Cecilia Möller


She prefers green tea with lime and her favorite sweets are chocolate buttercream Macarons. But Cecilia M�ller also dedicates herself to beautiful things with her photography � her images have the Scandinavian style and surprise with their attention to detail!

"I�ve learned that some of the best things in life can�t be planned."

Becoming a photographer was never on her to-do list. After graduating with a Master�s degree in Medical Biology, Cecilia M�ller took the plunge into a creative business. She now works with international magazines and stylists, and is particularly interested in lifestyle portraits.

Time for the beautiful things

When she is not working, she enjoys spending time with tea, family, friends, food and dogs. But Cecilia also enjoys sitting together for hours with clients over a steaming hot cup of green tea and talking about business and life � these are peaceful moments of time for her. Her images also convey her attitude to pausing and enjoying. In pastel or light shades, they appear balanced, strong and always authentic. Cecilia M�ller�s features and stories stand out for their attention to detail. Colors and materials harmonize and you�re intrigued to learn more about the house owners about whom she photographs.

Cecilia Möller
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