A Winters Tale

A Winters Tale

Feature 13595016 | © living4media / Narratives / Morgans, Tamsyn | 55 immagini

The Uncluttered Simplicity of Steph's whitewashed and wood interior evokes a feeling of calm a kind of celestial beauty regardless of the time of year. As perfect on a summers day with the breeze blowing in through the windows as it is at Christmas when candles strings of fairy lights and the log-burner offer a flickering warmth its a comfortable yet elegant home. Together with Paul - her partner and stalwart handyman - they've taken the Horton Stone cottage from dilapidation to perfection with salvaged materials well placed decorative antiques and weathered and worn vintage.

Feature N°: 13595016
Numero d'immagini: 55
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Fotografo: © living4media / Narratives / Morgans, Tamsyn
Text Writer: Alice Roberton
Stylist: Alice Roberton
Tema: Interiors
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