Old Workshop

Old Workshop

Feature 12534243 | © living4media / Wullschleger, Jean-Marc | 35 immagini

Le Télécabine is surfing the industrial vintage wave; FR

A former textile fabric factory has been reinvented into a multifunctional space. A place to live, work and celebrate. This loft, called “le Télécabine” by its owners Philippe and Anthony, is full of clever ideas, and the owners have tried hard to keep the memory of the original building alive.

Feature N°: 12534243
Numero d'immagini: 35
Testo: Text written upon request (700-1000 words, English)
Fotografo: © living4media / Wullschleger, Jean-Marc
Interior Designer: Philippe Domas
Tema: Interiors
Diritti: Worldwide first rights available upon request, except in BE, DE, UK, CZ
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201 metri quadrati 201 mq all'interno Arredamento Calcestruzzo camino dentro fabbrica gatta gatto Homestory with People internamente Lampada di design Locale alto Loft Lucernario Mobile di design Mobili di design Muratura a vista Muro di mattoni Nuova utilizzazione Parete di mattoni Parete in mattoni Restaurato Rifiniture interne Rinnovato Ristrutturato Ristrutturazione Riutilizzazione Soggiorno aperto Spazio multifunzionale stabilimento Stanza alta Stile di design Stile industriale uomo

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